We have re-examined our existing company portfolio when it comes to client and after sales service and after long process have made some vital changes to allow us here at Roteck the honor of boasting customer and after sales service to be rated as one of the best in the market.

Roteck South Africa provides a unique service that we call “thinking for you” where in you tell us your problem and we find a workable solution to this. We offer a wide range of services that match our products, below is a list of all our basic services, spanning across the entire African continent and into Europe.

  1. Installation of X-ray scanners and Walk Through metal detectors.
  2. Installation Assistance on our own product range.
  3. On Site Repairs and Modifications.
  4. Operational Training on our entire product range.
  5. Maintenance Plans on our entire product range.
  6. We also offer training and remote assistance via Skype, Phone or Email.


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