About Us

We pride ourselves as one of the top leaders in the security, detection and inspection industry and have many years of expertise in the field.


We work with multiple accredited and reputable suppliers allowing us the fortune of a large variety of services and products.


Roteck provides a unique service that we have called “thinking for you” where in you tell us your problem and we find a workable solution to this.

Roteck also offers South African customers 36 or 60 month financing through Centrafin (Pty) Ltd on most of its products.

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Roteck is a well known and respected brand in the detection and inspection industry, registered as a trademark, and our strength is the variety of products available from different selected suppliers, matching our customer’s budget and requirements.

We also offer product and application development, we modify existing systems as well and we assemble different technologies and equipment for special applications, portability and mobility.

Our possibilities are endless as we are not stuck to a certain manufacturer or product range. Whatever our customers require, mostly we have already a solution in place. That is our interpretation of Detection with a difference…

Roteck News

Beat bribe, corruption and operators distraction

Based on extensive research we discovered that even your best security equipment can be tampered by human interference through bribe, distraction and lack of knowledge, which may affect all your effort to control entrance or exit areas in order to prevent theft and other crime.

Our fully automated checkpoint system does not require any permanent site operators and can be easily integrated into existing access and on site or remote CCTV surveillance systems.

X-ray scanning equipment in the food industry

Simple x-ray scanning of packed food products in order to find foreign objects is a similar process and can be performed with similar equipment used for security applications. Depending on size and weight any our scanner models is also capable for food inspection.
Special food inspection systems differ slightly from standard security equipment through audible warning or automatic product marking but show similar results and images on the monitor. Only for unpacked food products and enhanced hygiene is a stainless steel shell and a different type of conveyor required.

Empty Tray Returner

We have developed our own trays for BagScan, and in order to simplify the empty tray handling and storage, the trays come with a returner system for enhanced convenience and in two different versions.