Our vision is set on prevention. Rather than recovering.

Roteck is a well known and respected brand in the detection and inspection industry, registered as a trademark and our strength is the variety of products available from different selected suppliers, matching our customer’s budget and requirements.

We also offer product and application development, we modify existing systems as well and we assemble different technologies and equipment for special applications, portability and mobility.

Our possibilities are endless as we are not limited to a certain manufacturer or product range. Whatever our customers require, we have mostly already a solution in place. That is our interpretation of Detection with a difference…

Roteck South Africa has been serving local and international government, embassies, organizations and business since 2009. Our focus is early detection, crime prevention and providing solutions.

We provide experience
in many forms of

Whatever you need to successfully prevent crime; whatever your detection or inspection needs are, we may have already a solution for you: walk-through, hand held and surface metal detectors, x-ray baggage, luggage and parcel inspection units, none radiation bag scanners, explosive and drug detectors, EMF weapon and cell phone detectors, as well as customized security systems.

Roteck is constantly expanding its international presence. We believe in simplicity and not adapting people to our products but our products to the work force that will be using them with ease. Simplicity is often overlooked in technology development of which in turn leaves an even larger problem in training staff and integrating technologies on a practical level.

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