Car Jamming Detector / Public Panic Alarm System

Car jamming is real!

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Nowadays its common practice for criminals to interfere RF signals from remote controlled cars in order to prevent car doors from immediate locking. If a car remains unlocked in a parking lot it’s easy for criminals to steal content from the car or even the entire car. The equipment to utilize jamming is cheap and easily available and does not require any technical knowledge.

The new Roteck car jamming detector is a power independent solution for all outdoor installations in public and private parking areas, easy to install and does not require any service or maintenance. The detector picks any attempt of jamming and sounds an intermittent buzzer or siren for 10 seconds to raise attention and informs about a present jamming attempt. The detection range is 50-100 m around the unit. After activation, the unit will operate without further attention or maintenance.

Public Panic Alarm

The very same equipment with additional ability to pick up other frequencies than from car remotes can operate as a public panic button and responds to any remote control activated for more than 2 seconds with an alarm, in order to raise immediate attention. For covered or indoor applications, an external power supply is required to maintain the build in back up battery.