Event security trailer

The new Roteck Event Security Trailer is build on an only 180 mm high access platform in operation position and covered by a rigid steel structure whilst cladding is made from light weight PVC sheeting. The unit has 4 lockable doors for multiple and convenient entry and exit and can be employed for random security checks or event security screening. Weight is depending on equipment but does not exceed 750 Kg for easy towing.


Solar panels on the roof and sufficient battery capacity inside the unit ensures power independent operation of all fitted security equipment as two walk through metal detectors and two BagScan (or one x-ray scanner for detection of drugs and explosives), one remote 360 deg high resolution roof camera, fixed cameras inside and outside the unit with DVR and one or more anti jamming devices to control surrounding parking areas.


Once arrived at destination and unhooked from the towing vehicle, the entire unit can easily be lowered by a winch to its final position and is fully operational in less than 5 minutes.


All equipment can be chosen to requirements. The trailer base is also suitable for other mobile applications where easy and convenient access is required.