Impact Panic Alarm

We have modified the common Centurion Nova remote into a security “Swiss Knife”, which enables additional functionality and use as a multi-trigger panic button.

Why? Common panic buttons of any nature give peace of mind only, but in case you really need to activate… have you ever tried to press any button under the threat of gunpoint, or in another serious situation, even a medical emergency?

What makes Nova plus so special?

In addition to its original functionality, the Nova plus can be activated by the action of dropping it, change of attached magnet or change of light intensity. According to research dropping your keys is usually the first request when confronted with criminals, and this action will automatically activate your panic function and alert your Response Company, friends or family members, or neighbors.

Nova plus can also be activated by changing a magnetic field, or by light. Simply attach a small magnet to the unit and it will trigger when separated, or keep the unit dark (inside drawers, cupboards, safes) and it will trigger automatically when light conditions change.

An additional delay and reset unit is also available in case of activation by mistake, temporary deactivation or for internal testing.

Any existing Nova remote system can be modified, so no need to replace anything. And if you like (and can), just press the button…