The Roteck Surveillance Tower

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We at Roteck have never been in the popular CCTV business due to many disadvantages, but now we believe to have a solution which meets many customers’ requirements and can make a real difference. Based on experience in other fields where AV signal processing was required as a side procedure, we have developed our first surveillance tower.

This new concept solves certain problems in one easy solution:  No installation, operational in few seconds.

  • Enables for permanent or temporary surveillance in indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Independent solar power supply and weather proofing for outdoor applications.
  • Additional outdoor functionality like anti jamming detector, public panic alarm and advertising.
  • Decorative slim tower for indoor applications with additional functionality on request.
  • Four invisible pinhole HR cameras in average face height for close 360° view plus audio.
  • Face recognition range > 10 m.
  • Multiple remote Wi-Fi access; build in HR DVR and min. 1.0 Tb 2.5” hard drive.


As the functionality of the surveillance tower cannot be recognized as such, people don’t feel monitored and behave accordingly. Through our smart design, all cameras are in average face height and allowing evidence monitoring and recording from an optimal angle without any destruction.

The outdoor surveillance tower is also part of our smart marketing and advertising concept “The Roteck Way” (details: