Under Vehicle Inspection System

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The Roteck UV-Scan under vehicle inspection unit is designed for fast under vehicle check, is easy to operate, with only 6.5 Kg extremely light weight and suitable for portable and fixed applications. The entire mobile setup takes only 5 minutes and does not require any technical knowledge.

UV-Scan consists from a 2500x40x20 mm small but solid aluminum road bumper with detachable plug in cover plate for 3 build in waterproofed wide angle cameras, automated LED lights and an additional IR camera on tripod for number plate and driver recognition.

The two 1250 mm long bumper sections are connectable trough a solid steel plug, in order to enable easy transport and setup for LHD and RHD vehicles and trucks. UV-Scan monitors and records three different views including time stamp and surrounding sound simultaneously, plus footage from the night vision front camera,

The 3 LED bars, activated by a PIR motion detector lit up any angle of the scanned vehicle chassis for clear images. UV-Scan operates from any 12 VDC source, for instance car battery, solar power backup, or external 110/230 VAC power supply. Only one single USB connection is required to connect the system to a computer or laptop.

UV-Scan is enabled for remote live monitoring and recording from any Wi-Fi connected device like desktop, laptop, tablet or phone within range or via internet, and supports multiple on and off site monitoring and recording.

Under Vehicle Inspection camera

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The Roteck under vehicle inspection camera UV-Cam is designed for fast under vehicle check, easy to operate, with only 1.2 Kg extremely light weight and suitable for all mobile applications. UV-Cam consists from sturdy 25×25 mm aluminium profiles mounted on 3 castor wheels, a waterproofed wide angle camera with LED light and a 4” monitor.

The press and hold activation button makes the unit power saving and energy efficient. The build in lithium battery has capacity for 6-8 hours uninterrupted operation and can be recharged from any 12 VDC source, for instance from a car battery, solar power backup, or external 110/230 VAC power supply.

We can also manufacture units according to our customers requirements in many colors, anodized or powder coated, and in any desired size; a 7”monitor and mini DVR unit is also available on request.

Pocket Scan

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Pocket Scan is a discreet and non contact inspection unit, consisting from a high resolution endoscope camera with LED lights; 4.3” LCD monitor and build in rechargeable lithium batteries for portable applications.

Pocket Scan is suitable for save and non contact search applications in hidden or covered places like bags or pockets, glove boxes, underneath seats and behind dashboards, bumpers etc. in cars.

The illuminated camera head has a diameter of 9 mm; the attached snake tube is convenient 50 cm long and highly flexible and the build in LED light can be adjusted to requirements. In order to easily adjust the present view, the monitor can be turned 360 deg. in all directions. Brightness and contrast can also be adjusted through 3 push buttons on the back of the monitor.

To operate the unit, simply press and hold the activation button and release it after use in order to save battery capacity. The two build in 3.7 V/1.4A Lithium cells are sufficient for 2.5-3 hours operation. To recharge the batteries, connect the charger jack at the bottom of the handle for 5-7 hours to any 12 volt source, e.g. the attached power supply, solar panel or car battery (lighter adapter).