Unreliable Personnel?

Event and School Safety?

Aim is to keep guns, knives and other threads out of crowded and public areas like schools and events. For that purpose we have developed the SIU, a trailer based mobile inspection unit. The unit’s compact design and mobility has the advantage of carrying a lockable shelter with independent solar power supply on wheels with two inspection lines, each consisting from a pass by metal detector, bag scanner and reaction tester, which can be moved and redeployed elsewhere within minutes after operation. Mobility lowers the impact of weather conditions and the risk of theft and vandalism.

Hijacking? Kidnapping? Armed Robbery? Shop Looting?

Our Impact Panic Button is in the market since 10 years, follower control since 5 years and the first publication of auto defense was already two years ago and the 3 main pillars of our crime prevention concept. We do not manage your risk or respond to alarms, we put you in immediate control of our semi or fully automated self defense.